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Collect at least 3.750 Star Points in 5 minutes - for free* (*Platinum Version only)
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Since I've first discovered the secret I've spent 2 months improving on them, tweaking them and writing an easy to understand step-by-step manual.
You not only will discover how the secret works but also how to collect WooGoos, Coins, Magic Wands, Star Points and Plants
on autopilot. Without bombarding your friends with hundreds and thousands of requests.
This is
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Maybe you're skeptical. I can understand why. Because I too fought with less Coins and WooGoos through many hours and days until I finally could reach the next level. My garden was still small and I couldn't effort many items.
And now it's that easy?
It is.
With the help of Monster World Cheats you get a plentiful of WooGoos, Coins, Magic Wands etc.
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- due to interventions by Monster World or Wooga, for example changes in the game, one day the methods don't work any longer. Until then I want to benefit from the legal methods as much as possible.
No cheats, hacks, bots. You take no risks
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